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Recommendation 3: Co-manage natural resources


Populations of plants and wildlife of conservation importance often cut across jurisdictional boundaries. Moreover, these resources are often protected under treaties, executive orders, and legal precedent. Co-management, where tribes, states, and/or federal agencies work together to manage across ownerships, has proven to be an effective approach for managing wide-ranging species and large landscapes. However, we currently lack a comprehensive mandate to support collaboration between federal agencies and tribes.


To adopt co-management policies and provide funding for natural resources across jurisdictional boundaries. This action would recognize tribes as sovereign entities with a critical role in maintaining or restoring wide-ranging plant or wildlife populations, and/or those that cross-jurisdictional boundaries.


Create or clarify existing bilateral agreements between tribes and all federal agencies — specifically, those within the Departments of Commerce, Interior, Agriculture, Defense, and with the Environmental Protection Agency — to support the co-management of natural resources, where appropriate. These agreements should focus on cross-jurisdictional efforts and provide adequate and equitable funding.